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In a nutshell

Alder is a IP risk management solution designed to support the IP risk management process.

Why it is needed

IP risk management is a practice that deals with processes, methods, and tools for managing IP risks in a project, business unit or organization. It is initially about the identification, assessment, and prioritization of IP related risks. Followed by the coordinated and cost-effective application of resources to reduce or eliminate the probability and impact of IP related risks within the organization.

It should be noted that many companies fail to manage their IP risk which can result in potential damaging surprises.

Alder more details

  • Allows you to capture and track your IP risk together with associated IP risk metadata
  • Allows you to capture actions needed to mitigate your risks and track their progress
  • Log documents associated with IP related risks such as assertion letters or legal opinions
  • Log and track costs associated with IP risk mitigation
  • Produce a range of reports for managing risks
  • Produce a range of reports for upper or executive management

Who is it for

Typically for more sophisticated companies, particularly ones operating in a higher IP risk environment

  • Alder can be used in-house typically by 1 or 2 people within the IP or Legal department. Reports would be shared more widely to key stakeholders
  • Alder can be used by an IP firm on behalf of one or more of their clients. Reports would be shared with their clients

Note that Alder does not contain a document management system

Further information

A short paper on Alder is available on LinkedIn

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