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In a nutshell

An IP Asset Management solution and allows you to log various IP asset types.

Why it is needed

Having a good understanding of your IP assets is important because they are probably your most valuable assets, they need care and attention to keep their value, losing them can cause costs and delays, and finally they underpin your products or services.

Aspen more details

  • Allows you to capture and track your IP assets of various types
  • Comes with a range of templates for each IP asset type, which act as a starting point and can be adapted to your needs
  • Able to configure the tool to include IP asset types that are relevant to you (and ignore those that are handled with a different process)
  • Able to define fields for each asset type to include the metadata that is relevant for your organisation
  • Able to add new custom types of IP assets
  • Produce a wide range of reports for analysing your IP assets
  • Produce a range of reports for upper or executive management

Who is it for

Typically for small to medium size businesses who need to get their intangible assets better organised. For embryionic companies when going through investment rounds.

  • Aspen can be used in-house typically by 1 or 2 people within the IP or Legal department. Reports would be shared more widely to key stakeholders.
  • Aspen can be used by an IP firm on behalf of one or more of their clients. Reports would be shared with their clients.

Further information

A short paper on Aspen is available on LinkedIn

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