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In a nutshell

Modular bite-sized IP education based around short videos

Why it is needed

It is important for employees at various levels to have an understanding of IP and how it affects their work. For some employees a deeper level of understanding it needed, for example to make sure they don't inadvertently leak trade secrets.

Cherry more details

  • Modular course - different employees can pick different modules based on their role and needs
  • Includes bite-size videos (typically 5 minutes or less) an a specific topic
  • Also includes short papers
  • Includes supporting e-quiz to check understanding
  • Can be rolled out to employees over a period of time to accomodate typical company time pressure
  • Able to pick and choose which modules are needed

Who is it for

Anyone in the organisation who needs a better understanding of IP.

Certain employees will need deeper understanding in certain areas such as

  • Anyone working with customers and suppliers
  • Anyone developing new products
  • Developers using open source software
  • IP and/or Legal department
  • Finance department
  • Human resources
  • Senior managers and executives

Further information

A short paper on Cherry is available on LinkedIn

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