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Chawton Innovation Services provides expert advice on many aspects of IP and IP Management.

The team at Chawton Innovation Services has completed over two hundred IP related consultancy projects, some narrow scope tactical IP projects and some broad scope strategic IP projects for SMEs, MNEs, IP Law Firms, Financial Services Firms and Universities.

Donal O'Connell has been a member of IAM 300 (top global IP Strategists) for a number of years.

Consultancy Projects

Below is a list of some of the consultancy projects undertaken by Chawton Innovation Services

IP strategy development and execution
IP due diligence for an investment round or merger and acquisition
IP risk management
Helping clients put IP Governance structures in place
Helping establish an IP Holding Company
Patent Box project
Competitor intelligence from an IP perspective
Setting up an IP creation factory
Helping in-house IP clients do more with less from an IP perspective
IP monetization financial modelling
IP benchmarking
IP process development
IP systems and tools
Inventor reward and recognition program
Open innovation and IP
IP management audits
Supplier assessments from an IP perspective
Software assessments
IP portfolio assessment
IP outsourcing and off shoring
External IP agent management
Anti-counterfeiting / online brand protection
Helping IP Law Firms to better articulate their service offering
Helping IP Law Firms to better understand their Corporate clients
Helping IP Law Firms with Business Development
Tackling IP dirty data
Standards and IP
IP management compliance
Virtual Chief IP Officer
Technical document management benchmarking
Trade secret management
Open Source Software Risk and Compliance

More details on our IP consultancy offering are available on request.

Note that Chawton Innovation Services does NOT provide legal advice.