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Employee Learning

Chawton Innovation Services has been involved in IP education and training for many years. The company has a comprehensive IP education offering, examples include

  • Basic IP education
  • Executive level IP education
  • Masterclasses in IP (see below)
  • IP Webinars
  • Bespoke

The company also offers a comprehensive e-learning solution on intellectual property using bite size videos, short papers and detailed online quizzes. These are suitable for all levels of employees within your organisation.


Masterclasses include the following topics

Masterclass Description
Understanding IP For non-IP persons to gain a good basic understanding and appreciation of IP
Inside the patent factory For companies interested in operating an efficient and effective invention handling program
Trade secrets and trade secret management For those responsible for trade secret management in house and for IP Firms offering a trade secret management service
IP risks and IP risk management For both in-house IP functions and IP Firms interested in this aspect of IP and IP management
IP metrics For in-house IP functions and IP Firms supporting operating companies
IP strategy For senior executives, in-house IP functions and IP Firms
OECD BEPS from an IP Management perspective For senior executives, finance and tax functions; in-house IP functions and IP Firms to really understand this IP and tax issue


Donal O'Connell has published 3 books and over 200 papers