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In a nutshell

It is a trade secret asset management system

Why it is needed

Trade secrets are arguably the most important type of IP, yet for many companies they are not recorded or tracked. This can be disastrous, for example when trade secret theft occurs. Companies may be required to provide information about their trade secrets for investment rounds and mergers and acquistions. For larger organisations there can be tax implications with trade secrets.

Hazel more details

  • Allows you to capture and track data about your trade secrets
  • Allows you to capture and track data about associated documents, actions and protections methods
  • Produce a wide range of reports for analysing your trade secrets
  • Produce a range of reports for upper or executive management

Note Hazel is not a document management system. Trade secrets and documents are NOT stored in Hazel, only data about trade secrets

Who is it for

Companies who have more than a handful of trade secrets

Typically run be 1 or 2 people in the IP or Legal department

Further information

A short paper on Hazel is available on LinkedIn

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