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The team at Chawton Innovation Services has designed and developed a range of IP solutions and licenses them to entities of different sizes. These include

  • Start up companies
  • Scale up companies
  • Incumbent companies
  • Boutique Law firms
  • Established Law firms
  • Universities
  • And more...

The Solutions

More details can be found on the relevant page

Solution Link
Alder - IP Risk Management More info
Aspen - IP Asset Management More info
Cherry- IP Education More info
Elm- Trade Secret Harvesting More info
Hawthorn - IP Management Assessment More info
Hazel - Trade Secret Asset Management More info
Oak - OECD BEPS Readiness More info
Rowan - IP Risk Assessment More info
Spruce- Software Assessment More info
Sycamore- Trade Security Maturity Assessment More info
Willow- Inventive Ideas Submission Portal More info