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In a nutshell

A software product or service assessment tool

Why it is needed

Software presents a management challenge, whether it is development in-house, bought it, or bought in by purchasing a company. There are many aspects to consider, not just whether it is functional fit for purpose

Spruce more details

Is as structued assessment looking across multiple dimensions, including

  • The nature of the software product or service
  • The business model
  • The technology
  • The software quality approach
  • The user interface and experience
  • The legal and commercial arrangements
  • The intellectual property
  • The software security
  • Various ethical issues

Who is it for

There are several situations when the assessment would be useful including

  • To assess the state of an internal software development project
  • To assess software that is being purchased and brought into the company
  • To assess an external software company prior to purchase

Further information

A short paper on Spruce is available on LinkedIn

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